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Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Forschungssymposium 2009

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
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36125Winter visitors' acceptance of the visitor management concept of the Gesäuse National Park Publication Petra Sterl, Renate Eder, Brigitte Allex, Arne Arnberger 2009
36115Visitor nodes: A customizable Instrument in visitor management Publication Johanna Pfeifer, Sabine Hennig, Christian Opp 2009
36138VISIMAN Development of a Flexible Visitor Management Tool for National Parks and Regional Natural Parks Publication Michael Wernli et al. 2009
35871Transboundary Cooperation in Protected Area's Management - Factors Influencing Success or Failure Publication Sigrun Lange 2009
35864Towards assessing thermal and dynamic reaction scenarios of different permafrost sites in the European Alps: One action within the PermaNET project Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer et al. 2009
36111Tourism in protected areas: potential or risk? A case study from the World Heritage Area Lake Baikal Publication Christian Opp, Christine Bild 2009
35863The use of GPS and DGPS for glacier monitoring at the tongue of Pasterze Glacier between 2003 and 2008 Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer 2009
35802The Untere Lobau Biosphere Reserve - The management challenge between urban recreation demands and nature Conservation Publication Arne Arnberger et al. 2009
35804The Role of Regional Identity in Protected Areas: the Biosphere Reserve Rhön (Germany) as Benchmark Publication Tobias Behnen 2009
35822The role of protected areas in ungulate research Publication Flurin Filli 2009
36106The Resettlement of Brown Trout in Alpine Streams of the National Park Hohe Tauern Publication Nikolaus Medgyesy, Reinhard Lackner, Bernd Pelster 2009
35862The project ALPCHANGE - Climate Change and Impacts in Southern Austrian Alpine Regions with research results from the study area Schober Mountains, Hohe Tauern Range Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Michael Avian, Gerhard Karl Lieb, Viktor Kaufmann 2009
36135The link between protected areas and agrobiodiversity Conservation - The case of traditional crops and their local varieties in National Park Hohe Tauern and adjacent areas in Eastern Tyrol Publication Brigitte Vogl-Lukasser, Christian R. Vogl, Peter Blauensteiner 2009
36129The last 125 years in the Josenwald. Formerly exploited, today a forest reserve Publication C. Temperli 2009
35867The lab above the clouds - Particle Number Concentrations at the Sonnblick Observatory Publication Martin W. Koller, Christian Effenberger, Gerhard Schauer, Anne Kasper-Giebl 2009
35821The lab above the clouds Aerosol Chemistry at the Sonnblick Observatory Publication Christian Effenberger et al. 2009
36113The importance of long term monitoring in protected areas: The case of butterflies in the Swiss National Park Publication Aline Pasche, Daniel Cherix, Yannick Chittaro, Yves Gonseth 2009
36140The idea of German-Austrian Alpine National Parks - Motives and Settings Publication Ronald Würflinger 2009
36131The Evolution of the Planning of National Parks and Protected Areas in Romania Publication Constantin Vert 2009
35832The epigeic spider fauna of one subalpine Swiss mountain pine- European larch-Norway spruce stand, and two burnt sites in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen (Austria) Publication Martin Hepner, Norbert Milasowszky, Erich Weigand 2009
35875The benefits of the past projects aiming on Conservation and the habitats' management in the Iron Gate Natural Park, for 10 years of existence Publication Gabriela Manea, Elena Matei 2009
35815The attraction of rivers in protected areas for people in search of recreation Publication Sybille Chiari, Susanne Muhar, Andreas Muhar 2009
36123The Alpine Salamander Publication Wilfried Schwarzenbacher et al. 2009
35866Terrestrial habitat-mapping within the Hohe Tauern National Park - methods and results Publication Christian Keusch, Hanns Kirchmeir, Michael Jungmeier 2009
35837Tends of air pollutants at the Sonnblick Observatory, National Park Hohe Tauern Publication August Kaiser, Helfried Scheifinger 2009
36110Surface characteristics of alpine cirques and valley heads in Central Austria with respect to permafrost distribution Publication Michaela Nutz, Michael Avian, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer 2009
35824Species traits in the alpine stream fauna: a promising tool for freshwater monitoring Publication Leopold Füreder 2009
35817Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Odenwinkelkees Glacier Proglacial River Ecosystem Publication Neil E. Dickson et al. 2009
35812Spatial and Temporal Changes in the Morphology of an Alpine Braidplain Characterised by High Resolution Digital Survey Publication Jonathan L. Carrivick, Jeff Warburton, Neil E. Dickson, Lee E. Brown 2009
36136SHARE - Stations at High Altitude for Research in the Environment - an integrated project for monitoring and environmental research in mountain regions Publication Elisa Vuillermoz et al. 2009
35825Sediment budgets for two glacier forefields (Pasterze and Obersulzbachkees, Hohe Tauern, Austria) - conceptual approach and first results Publication Martin Geilhausen, Jan-Christoph Otto, Lothar Schrott 2009
35811Scenarios for adapting the high Alpine trail network to landscape modifications due to climate change Publication Florian Braun, Andreas Muhar, Markus Fiebig 2009
35838Satellite-based measurement of the surface displacement of the largest glacier in Austria Publication Viktor Kaufmann, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Lado Wani Kenyi 2009
36124Research activities at the Sonnblick Observatory - overview of the results of more than 40 projects Publication Michael Staudinger 2009
35834Remote Sensing in Protected Areas: Practical Experiences in Charting Natura 2000-Habitats, Detecting Changes in Landscape and Monitoring Publication Hannes Hoffert, Daniel Kreiner, Julia Auer 2009
36143Redesigning of Biosphere Reserves in the Lake Neusiedl / Fertö Region - the view of stakeholders Publication Karen Ziener, Lajos Puskás 2009
35814Protected areas: reservoir of cryptic biodiversity. Publication Daniel Cherix, Christian Bernasconi, Pekka Pamilo, Anne Freitag 2009
35816Promotion of Nature Tourism in protected area in Southern Val d' Hérens (Switzerland) Publication Giovanni Danielli 2009
36107PHENOALP: a new project on phenology in the Western Alps Publication Umberto Morra di Cella et al. 2009
36108Perception and acceptance - key factors for participatory planning of protected areas in Europe Publication Ingo Mose 2009
35808Participative research to develop integrated approaches for a sustainable wildlife management in the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald Publication Christiane Brandenburg et al. 2009
35836Participation Processes in Biosphere Reserves - Development of an Intervention Publication Michael Jungmeier et al. 2009
36117On the trail of gallinaceans in the Hohe Tauern National Park Publication Christian Ragger 2009
35829No sustainable Conservation of biodiversity without Connectivity - Establishing Ecological Networks throughout the Alps Publication Marie-Odile Guth, Yann Kohler, Guido Plassmann, Thomas Scheurer 2009
36118No sustainable Conservation of biodiversity without Connectivity. ECONNECT Publication Celine Randier 2009
35831Nature-SDIplus: Nature Conservation Data through User's Eyes Publication Sabine Hennig, Karin Hörmanseder, Gudrun Wallentin 2009
36130Natural environments management: which sustainability for Walloon agriculture? Publication Amélie Turlot, Pierre Rondia, Didier Stilmant, Nicole Bartiaux-Thill 2009
35847Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Forschungssymposium 2009 - Tagungsband - Teil 2 Publication Nationalpark Hohe Tauern 2009
35846Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Forschungssymposium 2009 - Tagungsband - Teil 1 Publication Nationalpark Hohe Tauern 2009
35844Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Forschungssymposium 2009 - Programm Publication Nationalpark Hohe Tauern 2009
36144Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Forschungssymposium 2009 - Inhaltsverzeichnis Publication Nationalpark Hohe Tauern 2009
35813Multi-scale modelling of spatial variations in perceived wildness in the Hohe Tauern and Cairngorm National Parks Publication Steve Carver, Steffen Fritz 2009
35873Moorland landscapes in Switzerland - the changing significance of near-natural cultural landscapes Publication Marion Leng, Thomas Hammer 2009
36126Monitoring of glacier mass balance on Mullwitzkees Hohe Tauern Publication Martin Stocker-Waldhuber et al. 2009
35810Monitoring approach for forest reserves in Switzerland Publication Peter Brang et al. 2009
35820Modelling of permafrost in the region of the Hohe Tauern, Austria Publication Barbara Ebohon, Felix Keller, Lothar Schrott, Jan-Christoph Otto 2009
35828Markus and Steff - Ibex Research in the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Swiss National Park Publication Gunther Greßmann et al. 2009
36137Managing a World Heritage Site - Potentials and Limitations of Transdisciplinary Approaches Publication Astrid Wallner, Ursula Schüpbach, Urs Wiesmann 2009
35833Management of natural parks in Carinthia Discover the regions' protected areas Publication Robert Heuberger 2009
36116Local plant knowledge of farmers' families in the Napf-region, Switzerland Publication Anna Poncet, Christian R. Vogl, Caroline Weckerle 2009
36134Local knowledge in National Park Hohe Tauern and adjacent areas in Eastern Tyrol (Austria) about wild gathered plant species for phytotherapy as a basis for organic animal husbandry Publication Christian R. Vogl, Brigitte Vogl-Lukasser, Susanne Grasser 2009
36122Local biodiversity should increase with climate change: case-study for ponds from the Swiss National Park Publication Véronique Rosset 2009
36119Integrated Sustainable Wildlife Management in the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald - the step from sector-specific to crosssectoral sustainability Publication Friedrich Reimoser et al. 2009
35809Insights from 50 years of research in natural forest dynamics in Switzerland Publication Peter Brang et al. 2009
35819Impact of supplementary feeding on winter home range size and activity patterns of female red deer (Cervus elaphus) in alpine regions Publication Andreas Duscher, Flurin Filli, Friedrich Reimoser, Ferdinand Lainer 2009
36120How can PAs offer local people a chance to participate and benefit? Publication Birgit Reutz-Hornsteiner 2009
36103Historical elements on national parks and scientific research in the French Alps Publication Isabelle Mauz 2009
35818Habitat use and activity patterns of red deer (Cervus elaphus) - consequences for Wildlife Ecological Spatial Planning (WESP) in the national park Hohe Tauern, Austria Publication Andreas Duscher, Friedrich Reimoser, Ferdinand Lainer 2009
35823Habitat carthography using color infrared and hyperspectral images Publication F. Frassy, Umberto Morra di Cella, Massimo Bocca, M. Bovio 2009
35839Glacier fluctuation and Vegetation history during the Holocene at the largest glacier of the Eastern Alps (Pasterze Glacier, Austria): New insight based on recent peat findings Publication Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Ruth Drescher-Schneider 2009
35800Establishing ecological networks in the Central Alps - ECONNECT's pilot region Inn - Etsch Publication Angelika Abderhalden, Ruedi Haller, Thomas Scheurer 2009
36104Ecological classification of water systems in the Julian Alps and Karavanke belt (Slovenia) using spring biota Publication Natasa Mori, Basak Oz, Anton Brancelj 2009
35868Eastern Alpine endemic arachnids (Arachnida: Araneae, Opiliones) Publication Christian Komposch 2009
35865Detection of land-use/land-cover change in the Hohe Tauern National Park using an object-oriented classification approach Publication Katharina Kern, Gerhard K. Lieb, Wofgang Sulzer 2009
36109Detection and monitoring of Vegetation patterns and borderlines in high mountain environments by using combined terrestrial and remote sensing methods in the Hohe Tauern National Park Publication Michaela Nutz, M. Klipp, Matthias Schardt, Harald Pauli 2009
36139Destination choice in alpine summer tourism: heterogeneity of preferences and the role of protected areas Publication Veronika Wirth, Ulrike Pröbstl, Wolfgang Haider 2009
35826Decreasing effectiveness of protected areas due to increasing development in the surroundings of U.S. National Park Service holdings after park establishment Publication Urs Gimmi, Ulf Gafvert, Volker C. Radeloff 2009
36121Contradictions and complementarities between nature Conservation and economic development in Chilean Patagonia Publication Hugo Romero, Magaly Mendonca 2009
36132Conceptualizing protected area research in a transdisciplinary mode Publication Ulli Vilsmaier 2009
36128Climate change in alpine areas in central Austria between 1961 and 2006 Publication Wolfgang Taucher, Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Gerhard Karl Lieb, Michael Avian 2009
36127Climate Change Effects on the Alpine Snow Cover Publication Ulrich Strasser 2009
36141Census and monitoring of bird species in the National Park Gesäuse, Austria Publication Lisbeth Zechner et al. 2009
36112Celebrating 100 Years of National Parks in Europe Publication Morwenna Parkyn, Carol Ritchie 2009
36142Can earthquakes change plankton communities? Publication Uros Zibrat, Anton Brancelj 2009
35874Building an Inventory of Life: The Biodiversity Archives of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern at the Haus der Natur, Salzburg Publication Robert Lindner, Patrick Gros, Christine Medicus 2009
35807Biosphere Reserves as Stimuli for participatory local governance? Conceptual frame and initial results of a research project Publication Falk F. Borsdorf 2009
35806Biodiversity on avalanche tracks, a case study in the national park Gesäuse (Styria, Austria) Publication Andreas Bohner, Heinz Habeier, Franz Starlinger, Michael Suanjak 2009
35835Biodiversity of butterflies and moths in the National Park Hohe Tauern Publication Peter Huemer 2009
35827Biocultural Diversity Monitoring - The use and management of biodiversity of wild gathered plant species in the Biosphere Reserve Großes Walsertal (Vorarlberg, Austria) Publication Susanne Grasser, Christoph Schunko, Christian R. Vogl, Brigitte Vogl-Lukasser 2009
35830Between propaganda and preservation: The Italian National Parks in the Alps Publication Wilko Graf von Hardenberg 2009
35869A Transnational History of Alpine National Parks: Introductory Remarks Publication Patrick Kupper 2009
35803A Research Programme for the Hohe Tauern National Park Publication Kristina Bauch, Stefan Lieb, Michael Jungmeier 2009
35872A new All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring (ATBIM) approach for improving biodiversity knowledge and data management for protected areas Publication Marie-France Leccia et al. 2009
35805A multi-year survey of the Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix in the Mont Avic Natural Park (Aosta Valley, Italy) Publication Massimo Bocca et al. 2009
36114Alpine soil crusts, the biocoenosis which braves the cold Publication Thomas Peer, Johann Peter Gruber, Angelika Tschaikner, Roman Türk 2009
35870A Commonwealth of Alpine Nature: The Swiss National Park Publication Patrick Kupper 2009